Making a Places to Visit app using Python and Flutter: Part 1

2 min readMar 7, 2021

Fetching data.

Welcome to part 1 of the creation of the ‘Tembea Kenya application :)

The repo is publicly available on github here: Tembea Kenya.

To fetch the data, I will be web-scraping Google’s Top sights in Kenya page using python.

I will be extracting the Kid friendly, Outdoors, Art and Culture, Museums and Beaches categories for each top sight and for each of the categories, i will be extracting the title, image url, reviews, number of reviews and brief summary of each destination and saving them in csv files.

I will be using beautifulsoup for web-scraping as the number of pages is smaller and the data to be fetched isn’t that large. The wikipedia package will be utilized to get the wikipedia url and summary for each destination.

The fetched data is stored as a csv to enable viewing the collected data easily.

The full code can be seen here below or here:

A preview of the fetched data for the Kid Friendly category is shown in this screenshot below :

The full csv files for each category can be found here: Csv Files.

Some observations i made during this task:

Thank you!

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